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August 11, 2008


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Love those piles! In fact, I have so many piles and stashes, I tell my husband and son if someone broke into our home and ransacked it, we might not even notice!


I have a whole cabinet full of piles. It it's not piled away my children get into it. But my desk is also a catch-all. At least you have a pile of "to get rid ofs" I cant seem to do that.

LOVE the new stamp shelf! It's awesome!


hmm, my piles.. well, let's see. I've been trying to go through all my scrappy stuff to get rid of things that I know I won't use. I started out with the best of intentions but now there are just piles and piles and piles. Little piles, big piles. You getting the picture yet? he he ;-)

Meghan E

I am the queen-o-scrap-piles. I end up with piles and piles of scraps because i don't want to forget about them. Piles and piles.


i know exactly what you are talking about! last night i felt like the piles were closing in on me, so i un-piled for about an hour and felt like i could breathe easy again!

Kristin Faust

Not only to I have scrap piles, I have piles at work. I actually am going through them right now. Once I can look at a pile and not remember what is in it anymore then I realize that I need to find a home for those items. Hopefully this will help you see you desk, lol. That wall hanging for your stamps is great, btw!


okay that is funny! and I am a pilot too I believe. it is just crazy! my kits, and paper are the worst!

Heidi Y

oh, i've got some piles myself... bills to sort, to pay, to file, scrapping stuff to put away, new scrapping stuff, stuff to bring to crop, pix to sort... and on, and on!! no worries - you're not alone!!

Heather Crawford

I'm bad about having piles of scrapbooking magazines everywhere throughout the house and my car..I pick them up when I have a free minute and browse them for ideas...


haha I live in a pile of junk. hahah

I am the collector of Piles. I have a laundry pile, toy pile, dish pile (haha), scraps on the table pile, and a list of to do things are piled high on my brain. ;)

Must get to cleaning! Thanks for the opportunity to win your scrappy goodness.

Susan M.

I ahve piles of layouts right now. I have taken my pile of layouts that never found an album and all the layouts in mixed albums and separated them into person piles. Now to get all the piles into albums again. Good times!!


I have a box that has a pile of layouts in it to do...a pile of cards to make on top of that...oh yeah,and then a pile of paper to file (something I so dislike doing)on top of that. CRAZY!!! It's a GREAT feeling when you tackle those piles and can SMILE! Have FUN Janna de-piling...hee hee!

Erika Kubida

I had to laugh out loud at this post and run and show it to my fiance to prove I'm not the only one who has an office that looks like that! :-) I have piles EVERYWHERE. We're getting married next month, so piles of response cards, and lists, and the like. Plus we're moving so even more piles go along with that. It is my goal to have an organized office by the end of September. :-) Good luck with yours!!


I always have piles! Piles of junk mail, piles of scrap paper, piles of new purchases :), always piles of laundry! I also need to get to all the piles. Good Luck with yours!


We have a LONG counter top in our kitchen area that continually collects piles. It's just such a convenient drop off spot. I'd love to create some place to put everything instead of piling it, but sometimes one doesn't have time to deal with all the stuff instantly. Ya know? :) I'm glad to see I'm not the only one.

Kelly Goree

oh janna, if you only knew....looking at my room right now, there's a pile of stamps to be cleaned (:P), a pile of paper to be gone through (mostly bills - :P again), a pile of stuff for my new (to me)sewing machine - including the manual cause I have no idea how to work one (wanna help? :)), a pile of stuff for guest DT work and 3 boxes ready to be mailed. sheesh. looks like i need my pilot's license revoked!


oh my gosh, I'm crazy about my piles. In the kitchen, in my scrap room, in the living room, at work ... tons of piles. And I really do know what's in them!

jen w


Let's see there are
the piles of mail
the piles of new paper :)
the piles of pictures
the piles of school stuff
the piles of home magazines
the piles of scrapbook magazines
the piles of dishes even
Will it ever end? ;)
Loved some of the things that I saw in your piles though!

Annie Fiskateer #1326

Janna you are not alone. I too suffer from Pileococcus(the disease of making piles for everything). I say it's because of my small space but, the truth is that I can't help it.

I have the following pileococcus piles: layouts that need journaling, layouts that are done & need to be put in albums, layouts to be completed, planned layouts, mini albums planned, mini album to be finished, class projects to create, created ready to teach class projects, scrapbook paper to be put away, embellishments to be put away.

my list can go on and on. I do try my best to keep it contained because my space is in the livingroom. so I do keep most of my piles in cabnets an boxes.

Jennifer Smith

I thought that I was the only one who was a pile maker. I can see 3 piles on my fireplace hearth right now. Then I can also see piles all over my scrapbooking table. I'm a crazy piler but I always know what is in each pile. :)

Stephanie Pouliot

I have piles and piles around me... Piles to do, piles of things I would like to do... and piles of things that I should have done!!! I think i need to start my DO TO list system again, at lease when I have a list I get stuff out of my piles! Good luck with your piles!!!


oh man, my PILES. AAAHHH I have piles of Photos that need to be scrapped, piles of souveniers to go with many of those photos, magazines and a take out box of little goodies I love to have on hand. It is out of control. that is all ON TOP of my scrap desk (which is in my dining room). underneath i have a nearly EMPTY XXL rolling bag (ahhhh), and then piles and milk crate with more stuff!!! I have a serious problem )its called scrapping fever) :)

Linda F.

I think all us creative folk have piles! Piles of ribbon...piles of fabric...stacks of paper...and on & on! In fact, I'm highly suspect of a "pileless" person!

Bobbi in KY

I have piles-piles of dirty clothes, piles of scrapbooking supplies, piles of pillows, piles of magazines, piles of mail.

That's how I organize, I put it in a pile :)


Piles and piles is right. I tried to clean up a bit this weekend and ended up putting all the piles into big boxes, which I piled up on top of each other to make the biggest pile yet...sigh.


Piles? I don't think (even with reading all the previous posts) that ANYONE has as many piles as I do! My scrap "room" is a computer, bookshelf, and scrap room combined and it is so full of piles I am lucky to fit my computer desk chair in here some how! I actually keep starting to de-compress the piles and then it just creates more because I don't finish the job. Last week I was DETERMINED and put most of the piles in the hallway, meaning to go through them before my husband got home! Well the piles made it into the trunk of the car (my husband was coming home and I panicked) and this has never happened before so now I am carrying my piles with me until I can get them out of there and start again! OOOOHH I know, I know!!!

mary t

just in my scrap (junk) room there are 3 large boxes of stuff that need a home , a pile of layouts to be journalled, and two piles of ???
I'm trying to reorganize (again!!) you are not the only one!


i used to have piles and piles and piles of stuff. so much stuff that i never took the time to scrapbook at home EVER. That changed a month ago - new scrap studio, total organization, no piles. Now I scrapbook at least a few times a week!


I'm a total pile it! I do un-pile often though. :) I just bought that same bag pattern a few weeks ago! What fabric are you going to use?

Julie in AR

I try not to have piles but somehow they show up overnight. What is up with that? I'm trying to be more organized.


Yep, piles and piles - some stuff I've bought and never used - some stuff I've bought twice because I forgot I had it. I promise I'm gonna clean it up and organize it - SOON!


We call it FSS (flat surface syndrome) at our house. LOL No further details needed.

Cute stuff going on for that Inspiration weekend. :)


My first reaction to your post was to giggle because I am the biggest pilot around. The second reaction was relief to realize I am not the only one - wheew! Drives my husband nuts but I just can't help it - it is in my nature. I am hoping to get to all my piles after the kids are school - yeah right!


It has been raining here too. Unfortunatley, I was working Information day at the school and could not take a rainy day to de-pile. I have scrappy piles, school piles for the boys and PTO files for me. Maybe when the boys go back to school next week. Sigh.

Erika M

Oh the piles at home - piles of laundry to wash, piles of scrapbook paper to sort, piles of embellishments to put away, piles of books to read, and so it goes.

Oh the piles at work - I'm a school teacher - I have piles of forms to pass out, books to pass out, baskets of stuff to do/read, etc.

lynn whelan

piles of mail
piles of scrap stuff
piles of fabric
piles of laundry
piles of dirty dishes

OMG, we are a house full of "pilots"!!!

sometimes i think i will never get to leave the house if i am ever going to get rid of all of the piles!


i have lots of piles and they just seem to reproduce and move around alot! I made a new pile today after going thru the many that were on my table, now i have oh i dont know maybe 5 piles! lol
they never disappear, they may end up combined and larger though.....


Piles...how would we function without them? Life would be so boring. And, we would never be able to find anything!

I work better with a few piles of stuff. There is a point though...when I have to un-pile my stuff or I forget what all I have. Then, it is sort of like Christmas. I find all kinds of cool things!!!

Unless, of course, we are talking laundry. Those piles have to be tackled daily. Hmmm... better get back to that.....you never know what you might find there either!!!

Rachael Merrick

I am such a big fan of making piles - things seem like they are neat and in order when in fact they aren't. The worse habit I have though is making piles of paperwork - bills to pay get piled under paid bills to file away LOL.
Love your stamp shelf!!


I have lots of piles. Piles of paper, piles of scraps, piles of magazines, piles of pictures, piles of school papers, and so much more I can't even think of it all.


I have piles and piles of dirty clothes, piles of scrapbooking supplies, piles of toys, piles of magazines, piles, piles, piles everywhere:))

Katherine Vo Brooks

I am a scrap-piler... AKA as one who has piles of scraps. I keep my scraps, comb through the scrap bin at my LSS when I come to crop and gladly accept scraps from others. The result is piles and piles of scraps. I can create so many layouts with scraps and I'm delighted with the eclectic results and the thought of knowing that I made something out of nothing/garbage.

So... if you have a pile or two you want to donate... send it on sister! LOL!

Lastly, I'm glad to read that you've regained your mojo.

Sharon F.

Oh I am definitely flying the creative skies as a pile-it!
I have not only paper piles but fabric ones as well. I am working on projects both for heritage, my dog Jake in fabric scrapbooks, hand applique quilt tops of my dog, and 3 other dogs, 2 cats, plus all the books I am in the middle of reading. 4 at one time? How does she do it? How does she...can't possibly. Well nothing is getting completed that is for sure. Have to somehow manage the piles a bit better or not get so distracted to start something new...hum...

sharon f.
oakland, ca


I'm not much of a pile-it. I'm more of a throw-it-away girl. My family hates it because if it's on the counter for more then a day it's gone... That can sure get a girl in trouble sometimes not much fun diggin' in the garbage.....So, I'll work on being more of a pile-it and you can have some of my throw-it-away habit and we would be the perfect pair.....Happy day to you!!


Pilot, thats cute, I have piles all over my scrap room, piles to finish, piles to sort, piles to put away and piles to throw away. I have learned to scrap around the piles.


Oh you are definitely not the only one. My piles are starting to converge and form mounds. :) Thanks for the chance for a prize (I'll add it too a new stuff pile, lol)


Absolutely, I am a pilot! I have piles everywhere....piles of bills, piles of magazines, piles of unfinished projects, piles of clothes....yeah I have piles of piles. (After typing piles so many times, it looks mispelled).

So no sister friend you are not alone, but go ahead and send that box of goodies my way...I'd love to have a new pile of goodies! : )


rachel carlson

boy do i have piles recently! just back from chicago/cha last month and the piles include: goodies/receipts/memorabilia/raks/fabric (just completed my 1st sewing project - the list goes on. there IS some organized chaos though - HA! miss you cutie, rach

Jenn H

hmm, i have SO many piles right now...been scrapping like MAD and need to put LO's in to albums!!! my room is a MESS right now, tomorrow am is clean it up day :)


Oh man, I'm SUCH a pilot! It just seems like if it's all in one big pile, then I know without a doubt where it is :D That's a good way of justifying it, right? :)

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