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October 08, 2009


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Suezi Gurzi

what a great post! so many of your thoughts are right on! Keep on being Happy my friend you deserve it! I am just like you and that i am not a CALL-er either. Lovin the verse inspiration today.




good morning friend.
great message.
love the last part.
I will call you cuz i am a caller.
plus i could go see
toy story as well.
And i too am tiring to get the rest of this weight off maybe we can give each other a hand
love shopping in the smaller stores no more 1x
lisa Hall


i guess i should feel honored that YOU called me today!!!
thank you, it was just what i needed!
let's do this race!!! you can do it!


from one call-ee to another call-ee...I LOVE that YOU & I do not have to talk to each other for an entire year..or a few days and we pick up right where we left off!!!!



Susan Rodriguez (bucket)

aaahh your post brought tears to my eyes. It is true when you are happy your family feeds off of that and everyone is happy. :) I'm working on that..and working out with the running/walking thing. Even though I do marathons this darn weight won't come off. But I figure real women have curves and as long as I like to eat I will continue to run. LOL.

You look fabulous and keep up the great work.

<3 bucket

Erin Bassett

You look fabulous and I'm so glad that you're taking such great care of yourself & not losing site of your goals!

PS - I stink at calling too!


Thanks for your lovely post.

Linda B

I love reading your insightful comments on your blog. I think many of us think about these same things but you actually put them out there and give us a chance to take a moment and reflect and do a check up on our priorities. Good for you. I have started walking again too. I think you look really great from the pictures you posted from Las Vegas and Tammy said she could really tell that you had lost a lot of weight. You are motivating all of us.


So glad you are feeling better about everything. You are a beautiful woman inside and out! God is so good, and will give us what we need as long as we seek Him and ask! How amazing! Thanks for sharing with us!

Dawn Tavela

That was a great post. You really are truly blessed. You should be proud of all you do. YOU are an amazing force!! :-)

Jazy Girl

Wow....what a post! Love the scripture at the end cuz I am being worked on too! I like the idea of actually physically putting your prayer request in a basket cuz I really like to carry them myself and wouldn't it be much easier to give them to our awesome Lord? Ah, thanks so much for being real and sharing your heart! LOVE your blog and creations!


Such an inspirational post!! Just want you to know that even if you don't lose another pound - I think you look fabulous! Hang in there - so glad you're happy!

ana roat

I'm not a caller either, but I think I would have to break my vow of phone silence and call you if you were my friend. How awesome you are to honor the Lord with your sacrifices, love of family and committment to their well being.
Here's to skinny pants and pretty sweaters...!


This is such an encouraging post Jana! I'm so happy you're listening to your inter-que's and ending up with so much happy :).

As for your 5K idea ... I say DO IT! I did my first one a little over 2 years ago (I just did my third a few weeks ago) and it is so much fun and such a feeling of accomplishment. The energy of a 'race' helps gives you the extra push to keep going. I'm now in week 2 of 8 for a 10K in December.

Happy Weekend!

Shenandoah bed and breakfast

A woman life is circled around his family loving and caring husband and pretty kids..
This is all.So when you are not happy yourself.How can your loved ones be happy.If you want your kids and family be happy ever.Try to make you happy and blushing and smiling.Your family is because of you.Every mom understood that.Keep yourself healthy ,determined and motivated.Your motivation is for a blessing family happy and cheering ever.

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