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January 04, 2010


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Oh fun Janna!!! I might just take you up on your challenge....give me an excuse to get my scrapbook stuff out of all the boxes and create paper memories.

After all, 52 isn't THAT many....is it? : )


YAY! Glad you chicks are interested!

Dawn Tavela

I LOVE this idea!

Linda A.

Sounds like fun - I'm in!

Marolyn Hundley

Sounds like so much fun!!! Thanks for sharing your creativity with all of us. :)


Can't wait Jana!

Heather Crawford

Excited about trying to follow along!


wooooohooo! What a fun challenge! no sketches? just scrap? I need to work on my sons album before he graduates next year...this will be PERFECT!

Amanda Fairchild

Maybe I'll actually scrapbook occasionally this year. Yay!!

Dana J

Oh I'm in!!

Erin Bassett

LOVE the idea, although I probably won't be able to fully participate until Feb. -Have to work on CHA samples first....but I really can wait to create for ME again!!

mary t

I"m in , I'm in... I need to feel creative again!!


COUNT ME IN!! This is exactly what I needed! Do you mind if I use the logo and post it on my blog as well...? I am super excited about this!


Do we sign up somewhere or we just check your blog every Thursday?

Brenda J.

It's a great idea! It will keep me consistent! Let's go!


I wish I was there to create on that big homegrown country table, but I am in, too!


This will be great! I've got so many pictures that I love that I never get around to scrapping because I'm scrapping something else. I'm going to go through my pile and get some picked out right now!


Alright sweet friend this sounds do able... I'm in! Hope you are having a wonderful first week of the New Year!


This sounds so great (and so simple that it has to be easy to accomplish). I'm on board and am so ready to get some actual scrapping done!

Linda (kysha)

I just stumbled upon this and it sounds perfect for me (and it also sounds like you and I are almost have the exact same weight loss goals this year.)

Can't wait to pull some paper out and get started.


My Stampin' Up! Demonstrator told me about your blog and the 52 week challenge!!! I am soooo in!!! Just what I need to keep me inspired and scrapping!!!! Love your layouts, love your blog, Can't wait to get started!!!

New Jordans

It's great to hear from you and see what you've been up to. In your blog I feel your enthusiasm for life. thank you.

Donna Bishop

sounds great


Hi Donna!! How are you!? Great to see you are still getting your scrap on!! Take care girl!



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