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October 27, 2010


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Janna, this post just made me tired reading it! Thanksgiving Break will be here before you know it....then Finals and semester #1 is over! Woo hoo for you!

So when are we going to be let in on your class? I've always wanted to come and meet you for real....so a scrapping class would be awesome! Fingers crossed I'll be able to make it! : )

Yah on the A's!!!


Hi sweet girl!  Yes, the class is going to be in December (the 16th, I think) in Russellville...its about 45 minutes from me.  So a little drive for you, but the gal really puts on a great crop!  I cant wait!  Maybe it will work out where you can come!  Ill post all the details soon!

Ginny C.

Janna, I know how you feel. I started college when I was 29. With a full load of classes, an hour commute each way & a family, I was too tired to do anything else. Once my daughter told if you give me chili or Stouffers again, I'll throw up. Hang in there, the school work does get easier!

Viki Powell

you go girl...congrats on the midterm grades. wooo hooo:))


Congrats on the great grades!!!

Is it okay to use that homemade soap in a front load machine? I buy the "HE" kind of detergent. Any idea how much to use?

Thanks for the info and hope to see you soon, even if it's only at the Pizza Parlour :)


Becky I use the soap in my front loader...I think the HE soaps are less sudsy...the homemade stuff is not sudsy either...so I would think it would be fine.  Having good luck so far with it.  Come visit me sometime...we need to catch up! 


Thanks so much for the encouragement, Ginny!!! Hey-- at least you were fixing them SOMETHING to eat, right? LOL!! Take care!


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Thanks Viki!!! Gotta keep it up now!


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