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July 12, 2011


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Susan Rodriguez (bucket)

Hey Janna, I've been doing this new exercise thing called CrossFit. It's Cardio, it's weights, it's awesome. Ask Susie Comi, took her to a class and she loved it. You should see if they offer it in your area. I've lost 8 pounds in a month. I feel so much stronger and leaner. Running marathons is great, but I needed more. To say the least I love it.


Sounds interesting!!! Hmm-- thanks for sharing! I'll see if I can find something local! jw


One of my all time favorite blog post. Ever. I love the concept of putting it down on paper to look back on, reflect on, pray over. I may have to lift this idea from you (much like I lift so much of your scrappy goodness!) Thanks for sharing!


What a great post! I love you! You also have 3 little blessings that God gave you, living right there in your house (technically 4 if you count Suzy Q) ;)


Oh yes, Jenny- I certainly did not forget. I assure you my three little blessings are first and foremost-- our family, a hard working husband-- these are above all of my petty, personal goals-- but sometimes we have to voice these things which exist on s lower plateau of life.

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Ah, Christine, youre very sweet. I thinking sharing, writing down thoughts, blogging-- it is good thing to know that we share the same trials, triumphs-- and theres something about voicing these things that is good for he spirit. So happy you came to visit ;)


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Leah B.

I love your post! I needed that today! Thanks!!!!

stacy spangler

Love that last one-so true but never really thought of it that way! I used to "want" to do it that way-now I've realized it's a lot easier when God's in control

Jennifer Yates

I too am in workout mode!!!! Proud of you because it is do hard to keep at it! I just love this post! So wish I could just sit down and get my thoughts out like this. A writer I am not! Always love reading your blog!!

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