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January 03, 2012


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I haven't written any letters lately, but I do remember getting them from my Grandma when I was growing up 2 states away from her. Many times I have thought about typing up all my recipes, but then look at the handwriting from my friends and loved ones on the yellowed paper or recipe card and I can't do it. They are treasures!


would love to be your pen pal all the way over here in australia

Theresa S.

Sadly the need (art?) of writing letters is disappearing. Who writes letters anymore? I used to love letters. sigh.

Dawn Tavela

I always loved getting a handwritten card on my birthday from my aunt every year. It was something that I always counted on and it made me smile. She passed away this past year, so this will be the first year with no card. Handwritten cards and letters are sort of a dying art now, in this electronic age. I miss them. A handwritten letter is definately a treasure.


I try to send something to my granddaughter in the mail every week. Be it a card, note or whatever. She has a special box she puts them in. She told me one time, "Grandma when I get something in the mail from you I know you are thinking about me." Makes me want to mail her something everyday. I hope she has the same memories you have of your aunt. I've been doing this for a couple of years, she is eight now and questions if I'm running late and she only lives 30 minutes away. I see her all the time. Isn't is something what can be so special to a child

Wendy Hammer (Reed)

Handwritten is so fantastic! I always tell my hubby that THE best gift he could EVER give me is a handwritten letter from him. Even if it's just a short little note.

jersey Girl Anne

My cousin and I have been writing letters to each other ever since we were teen agers. and now we are in our 50's!!! I wish I had saved some of those letters but it would take box upon box to store them. That is how often we write! My moms family has a Round Robin letter that was started by one of my aunts in the 40's. There were 7 siblings who would write and then mail all the letters on to the next sibling ,taking out the letter of the one it was being mailed to. My mom is the only sibling still alive but now many of us cousins are carrying on the tradition. One rule we have is to write our letter as soon as we get the RR in the mail. It is fun to read all about the growing families even though many of us also FB and E Mail.! Happy New year!

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