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June 18, 2012


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Deedra Rogers

I want to do this!

Deedra Rogers

Eric got me a used sewing machine but I know nothing about them really to know if it is any good or if we should just get a new one. I know how to do some basic things but need refreshed plus I want to learn more. I have projects that I want to make...one is taking t-shirts and using the enblems/logos on them and make a quilt top out of them...I love these bags that I see people make. But mainly to feel more confident in myself and to start and finish a project!

Carolyn Abbott

Hope you might do some scrapbooking classes sometime! My sister and I took the class you did several years ago to benefit the Alma HS after-graduation bash. You are an awesome teacher and scrapbooker!


Hey Carolyn-
thx for your kind words! I may possibly venture back into some craft/scrapbook classes so keep an eye out. Take care! jw


Hey Deedra-
dont know if you saw my reply on fb but Id love to try to help you with your machine and or help ease you into the ins and outs of sewing. You never know with used machines but more than likely its fine. You can google the model and find the manual online. This will usually provide you with a threading diagram. You might check that out. If you want to join in class just let me know. You could bring your machine and I could look at it. Im no expert but I tore into three of mine today and serviced them and its pretty easy to figure out if they are junkers or not. LOL!

As far as class, I have one spot Thursday. Or if youd want to get a few (4-5) friends together I could come to you...I cant remember exactly where you live but I know its a little ways south right? Booneville? Just let me know. I love sewing. And I am NOT a patient person! hee hee!

Take care girl!

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