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December 29, 2008


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Hi my friend!!!!...dont enter me into the drawing, just wanted to say Hello and Merry Merry..Happy Happy!!!


Here's one of a few I've got: learn how to use Photoshop and create more projects using it! Thanks for sharing. Would love that calendar download!

Stacey Kingman

I hate resolutions. But I'm planning to walk daily in 2009. :)

Kim Borochaner

I would just like to take life, in all of its craziness, a little less seriously, so that's my Resolution!!

Teresa  Davis

I am determined to remain at peace no matter what is going on around me, knowing that God has plans for my future and they are good...we are so blessed and I will start each day asking how can I be a blessing to someone else this day. By the way, my sweet son, Eric, arrived home from his 6 months deployment in Iraq to his family in New York on Christmas Day! It was the best gift I could have knowing that he was home. It never ceases to amaze me how the Lord works out these details...Eric was not supposed to even start traveling until Christmas Eve, but was able to leave early, got the 1st transport to Kuwait and commercial flights with no delays to Wash. D.C. and all of his intake checkins were put off so he could fly home to NY and then come back to Virginia today for his intake which took only a record 1 and a half hours and he was back home in NY by this afternoon....awesome! In all his years of government service he has never gotten back into the country with this much speed. We are looking forward to their trip home to OK in Feb. I appreciate your prayers for him while he was away.


I hadn't really thought about resolutions yet. I do have have some goals for the new year. I would really get back into an exercise routine again. Though it is tough to get started, I always feel 100% better when I am working out. I also want to be a lot more organized. This is a lot of work, but a little at a time and sticking with a routine, makes more for "me" time. We can all use more of that I know. I really am looking forward to the new year and all the exciting possibilities that it will bring! :-)

Janice S.

I am loving that class idea! My resolution is to follow through..


My resolution would be to keep up on my housework & my paperwork for our business so that I have more freetime to scrap!


My husband and I are teaming up to spend more time together as a family. We are always so caught up in getting OTHER things accomplished that we often forget the most important thing: spending time together!!


One thing I am going to focus on this year is I want to become a better photographer :)


Your calendars look fantastic!
I'm going to learn something new this year---hmm, maybe piano or Photoshop. Better decide quick, New Year's is coming! The big plan is to enjoy the moments!
Happy New Year!

Linda Gothard

I am trying to be more realistic this year with my resolutions. I think my main resolutions this year will be to pray more. We all need prayer and I don't do it nearly as often as I should.

Love the website and all the great ideas.

jennifer bonilla

i love to scrapbook and have been interested in learning how to stitch on my pages. my mom bought me a sewing machine for christmas so one of my goals in the coming year is to learn how to use it and how to incorporate stitching in to my pages.

Jodie Reimink

My resolution, along with everyone else, is to lost 20 pounds--and learn more about Photoshop Elements. Yea Me!


My resolution is to drink water instead of Diet Coke.


my resolution is to take better care of myself and that definitely includes more crafting time (my stress relief!) Happy New Year All!


I would like to start a photography business on the side. I want to learn new techniques on capturing beautiful moments. Of course, my 4 year little girl will be my subject for a while and then I would like to start making some extra money so I can stay at home and have another baby!


The same ones I have every year. Lose weight, exercise and get organized. Have a Happy New Year!~Sam


I would like to organize my life. :)

Suzanne Sergi

I have so many resolutions this year. For example, I want to learn how to use Adobe Photoshop,utilize my mac to its fullest,scrapbook more, be a better photographer, etc. The list is long. However, I have narrowed it all down to one word this year and that is simply to PLAY! I feel that I am always afraid to make the necessary steps to reach my goals. However, I intend to approach things a little differently this year.

I love your site and am inspired by your work. Happy New Year.



One of my resolutions is to get into some sort of exercise routine. My other is to get more into scrapbooking and other crafts such as sewing. I can't wait to see what the Got Crafts site has in store for the new year.


To lose weight, like every year and to focus on my family and me.


Happy New Year!!! Actually it's not a resolution rather a plans or a goals for this year 2009.
1. Be Happy- look on the brighter side as always. Think positive towards life. Life is so short, so live life to the fullest.
2. More Scrapbooking LO, more crafty projects
3. More Pictures to come...sorry i'm really a camera addict.hehehe
4.To Lose Weight- have to go to the gym as often as possible to shed off calories.
5. More chats and communication ect with my hubby. Huhuhu we're a million miles away.He's in United Kingdom working.
6.To be with my hubby ths year.... this will be my long term goal and to start a family...to have a baby!!!

Well, i do hope all of my resolutions goes well with me.hehehe.


I don't really do resolutions, but I did just post on my blog that I plan to update it a little more often, lol! I also plan to organize my photos and my scraproom so I can be alot more productive this year! :)

Valerie W

My resolution this year is to actually get organized in my scrapbook room and do all the (or some of) the projects waiting for me. Love your work.

Valerie W.


To craft more. Happy New Years

Lorena Orellana

while I have many many of the similar goals as everyone else, my main one is on becoming a mom. After 4 years of trying, I am finally going to be a mom :o) so many changes so my new years resolution is to be a "mommy"and to do it with lots of love.


My new years resolution is getting organised.
In my head, my house.
Enjoy my life, be creative, have fun and enjoy the little things that make me happy.


My resolution for 2009: set aside time at least once a month for myself..its easy to be everything for everyone else and forget that we need some "me" time once in awhile.
Happy 2009 everyone!
Lisa in Texas

Linda C.


Resolution: I have a pair of jeans I would like to be able to wear comfortably by my birthday...Feb.1.

Linda C.

Grandma Shelley

I always have so many...but I'm trying to do it in small steps...so my first one is to lose 4 lbs. during January...and of course try to do something related to scrapbooking each day. Happy New Year!

Grandma Shelley


Resolutions...hmmm. Exercise. Read more. Show the important people in my life that they really are more important than my job....

Mary Allen

I just dicovered your blog and I'm dissappointed I missed the 12/31 mini class
but anyway, one resolution for this coming
year is to get my photos, both digital and
older all organized.


i don't usually make resolutions because then i feel the pressure of keeping them...and, more often than not, i find myself disappointed. this year i decided that my "resolution" of sorts would be to focus on my "word" (ali edwards idea) - and that word is ACCEPT. i'm hoping that by putting my energy into knowing that i cannot change the situation, but i CAN change the way i react to it, i will grow as a person. that's my resolve for the new year.
i hope you find health and happiness, prosperity and peace in yours!


One of my resolutions this new year is to take more video of my toddler twins.

Love your work Janna!


I love your energy and organization. You go girl.....


well this year im not making resolutions. For years i have setmy self up with disappointment because i didnt do them, so i am "hoping" to lose some weight, scrap for me and enjoy my family!

Wendy Lust

I've never made resolutions. Guess I just set goals along the way. Glad I found your blog!

Robin M.

I must lose weight! i must lose weight! I must lose weight! I must lose weight:)


Hope I am not too late. Spend more time with my family and not worry about how clean my house is or getting the laundry done. After all my daughter will not be little forever and the laundry will always be there.


I am going to spend more time living life...Enjoying family times and making memories to scrap!

teresa collins

i love you...love you...my friend...
can't wait to see you!

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