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March 15, 2010


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When I saw the first picture - I thought "that house needs a blue door" - and then I scrolled down and saw your swatches! :) I like Mediterranean Blue.

Nancy Wyatt

I love the two colors you have picked out! I'll let ya know if I come across some good gardening blogs! Hugs from Texas!


I can help you with suggestions but need to know what direction your house faces first to gauge the amount of direct sun you will receive. Do you know what growing zone you live in and what PH your soil has? I will email you separately with same questions.


I think the Mediterranean blue would work best with the tone of browns you have in the wood and brick. The other colour would look too washed out. As for flowers...lots of them and different varieties and heights. Having them at different bloom times will constantly change the colour in the garden. That is what I did and the neighbours are always walking past my house and commenting on my garden.

Jersey Girl Anne

To be honest..I am not a lover of blue but if I had to choose one,it would be the darker of the two. I love the style of your home and your back yard is so inviting!!


I would strongly suggest getting rid of the screen door...it really detracts from the look of the front door entrance. Also, I hired a professional landscaper to draw a plan for our garden and we were really pleased because we could then work on it progressively over the years. We did the DIY way but it never looked as good as I wanted it and we spent a fortune on plants and shrubs that didn't work out (even with advice from garden centers) so this was a great investment. Don't think either shade of blue works...I used the sunwashed blue in the '80's on my door so it feels dated to me! Sorry! Maybe more blue, less green, in the shade you pick?

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