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August 10, 2010


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We just tried the turkey sausage last week on pizza!! It is very good. I also use turkey pepperoni, all the taste of pepperoni but none of the grease!!

Have you tried oatmeal in the crockpot? You have to use STEEL CUT OATS, not the Quaker rolled oats. You can find several recipes online. Good stuff :)

Camilla Blue

I've fixed breakfast burritos for my hubby for years. Hadn't thought about them for my kids. Thanks for the make ahead idea!


Great ideas Becky...I love oatmeal...seen some baked oatmeal that Ive wanted to try also!


My hubby is going to feel SO special when I fix him one of these! Thanks for stopping by Camilla!!!

Cheri O'Neill

yummmmmmmm! I always make my son the same egg, sausage sandwich every morning before school...I cant wait to see what he thinks of this...maybe even a little green and red pepper from the garden...mmmmmmmmm Thanks so much Janna for these awesome ideas!!! ;)


Great idea! keep 'em coming! I sure like a healthy variety for the kids--THANK YOU!!

Ruth Hill

Thank you! I didn't think of doing this. Much cheaper and better than buying them in the frozen section. By the way, I am a new follower. Great blog!

Jennifer Yates

Yum! Thanks for the idea as I'm sitting here drinking my coffee! :))


janna-- i love this idea. i feel so guilty giving my kids cereal in the morning. they will dig this.


I totally know what you mean, Malia! See! Were trying to do better arent we!?


Mmm...coffee, still drinking mine too, Jennifer ;)


Hi there Ruth...yes, cheaper and you dont have to wonder about all the additives. Plus, those sausage biscuits just look weird! Lol!


Thanks Diana! Ill share my muffin recipe soon! Its heavenly!


Cheri...love the peppers! Yum!!! Good idea!


These look sooo good, and I didn't think about making some and freezing them. What a wonderful idea. Thanks, Janna!

Also, now that school is about to start, maybe we can do that lunch date that we were going to have back in the spring? My, my how life flies by! Contact me, or I'll contact you and we'll get on it! :)


Just say the word, Julie...Id still love to do lunch!

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