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August 07, 2010


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Super CUTE!!

Jennifer Yates

So sweet! What an awesome project for little girls! Thanks so much for the blog *love* and thanks for all the inspiration! I especially love the friday downloads!:))


How cute! How do you get the sides of the bottle cap to 'flatten' out a little?

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Katrina-- the bottle caps we bought were already made this way...check etsy.com (search bottle caps) and you can find them in a plethora of colors and they are already to be made into cute jewelry!

I think you could also try flattening your own caps with a hammer...seems like I've done that long ago for using on scrapbook pages.

Have fun!


Thanks Jennifer & Dawn!!! :) {big smile}

Puma Clyde

This post makes me recognize the energy of words and pictures. As continually your points are just gorgeous and I am grateful that you simply let us appear in! Have a excellent week!

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