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September 04, 2010


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I'm one of the seven readers! :waves: LOL!

It sounds like you are on such a great adventure! And that is one intense program. WOW! Best of luck to you! I'm excited to see where you go. :)


Hey I'm one of your readers too! (I'm new as of two weeks ago....) Chin up--YOU can do it! That is amazing how many people come and go with that major! CRAZY!! I'm looking forward to WHATEVER you can handle--you truly have inspired me, and I'm glad that I follow you! :)


AW, thanks Diana!  Visited your blog and love your style!  SO ME...with lots of fun colors and whimsy!  SO impressive!  Thanks for stopping by!  Have a lovely weekend! jw

Cheri Piles

I feel so bad, I've never commented - I'm just so bad at not commenting so you've never known, I'm here. I follow your blog, I cheer for you. You can do it!


Hi Cheri!  Thanks for the comment -- youre sweet!  And I feel very special that you said hi and cheered for me!  YAY!!!  Thank you Thank you!  Big hugs to you!


Hey Janna I always read too and while Im sure every one is saying great job with your studies ( I say that too ) I reallllllly want to say how totally cute you look with that haircut!!!
Best of luck You can do it Tamar xxx

Judy Chamberlain

Janna: Bravo for you in pursuing your college dreams. Love the hair do - you look great. Looking forward to seeing you again this year at IU.


I too read you each time and comment often. Go for your dream and you know we are all pulling for you along with your family. Keeping you in my thoughts and hugs from Michigan.

Teresa Davis

Hey Janna, I have been following along, but haven't made any comments in awhile,,so much has been going on! I am so proud of you...going back to school, that's a huge deal with your busy life....you are doing it so well! I pray for you for strength to run this race with joy! Thanks for continuing to inspire us all!!!!

Jennifer Yates

Yay! So excited for you and your college dreams!! Your class looks SO much better than mine did back in 1993!!! Ha! I too was a GD major...and you will ROCK!!! BTW...LOVE your hair...hot mama in the class!!! :)))


Hey keep pursuing your college dreams and enjoy the ride! By the way, it might be time for a new pic of you ;) The pic by the Mac shows that you've made superb (worthy of recognition!) strides in your pursuits to eat healthier and become more fit. Congrats on all your great accomplishments! You go girl!

Renee S.

Go for it! You want it enough to make it happen. Good luck to you.


Hey there, loved this post of yours - and love your work. I too have *grown* into a designer - and started design school last year. I'm not able to attend class (which I really miss) but am doing a correspondence course through a college in Australia but it's really fun, and I love being a 'mature' student, especially when this gets me awesome discounts (like on my new 21.5" iMac that I got last November :) What I love about this industry, is even though 'the economy' isn't what it was, and no, not everyone will swan into glamorous flashy jobs at awesome ad-agencies, with the right attitude and careful market placement - there is more than enough work for everyone, providing you know where to look for it. Best of luck with your studies!

fran heupel

Hi Janna,
just wanted to stop by and say congrats and good luck with college. I think you will do awesome. Follow your heart and your dreams.
Congrats on the SBetc cover. I love your work and will continue to follow no matter how many times you post.

Fran Heupel


Love your short(er) hair, you look fab!
I went back to school last year after getting laid off, you can do it!! I can tell you have that commitment, I still have 8 months but am loving it! Learning new things every day, how can that be bad??

See you at IU!!!


Way to go Robyn!!! Youll have to tell me more about your college experience next weekend!


{sentfrom my iPhone}


I haven't been by in ages...caught up in my own schtuff ya know how it goes...
anyway. You look FABULOUS! I miss your guts.
Cute layout on the next blog post also. Just might do me some scrapbookin' :-D


Debbie!  How the heck are ya, girlfriend!  Its so nice to hear from you-- gosh, I have been so busy, my head is spinning!  Ill have to email you and catch up soon!  Are you boys all grown!??  Still running!?  Hugs girl!


Janna, oh I'm so glad you are loving school! I'm so excited for you! Keep me posted if I can ever help you out with anything!


Janna, I'm guilty of being away for too long (but to my defense, little baby boy and 3 other kidlets have kept me super busy LOL! :-P) but as soon as I got a free minute, yours was one of the first blogs I headed straight to in order to catch up :) :) - girl, all I have to say is WOW! Sounds like you are at a busy yet great and challenging place in your life...and I am SO happy and thrilled for you and the journey you are on! :) LOVE catching up on what is going on with you and I have to say, you look AMAZING and life is certainly agreeing with you, I can tell! :) I am very happy to find you in a great place in your life....and will definitely make a point of checking back in regularly to see how everything is going for you. :) Hugs and love girl! xoxo

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