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May 28, 2011


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Thanks for posting the packets - Ive been busting to make these but have been unsure if your frosting is what I thought ( we are in Australia ) and it is so I'm so excited to give this a try - Can I ask how many balls did this make?


Love how you used the cake mix box and frosting cans as part of the party. Very creative, frugal and green!


Hey Tamar! Great to "see" ya! Um, I'm not sure how many the recipe makes...because we have to test a lot of them along the way! LOL! One recipe I saw said 36...but I think it just depends on how big you make the balls? I'm gonna say proabably 24-30 ish? But maybe 36 is right? It might be because I had to freeze some balls that I did not have enough candy coating for.


GREAT idea on the display. Cake pops are so cute. I've seen them all over, but never attempted to make them. I think I might need to try it.


so you freeze them- not bake them?

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I want to try this but have heard it's hard to get the balls to stick together and stay on the stick. Any suggestions?

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so you freeze them- not bake them?

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